only the finest cuts of the highest quality grade meats

highest quality grade meats

Bradley Wholesale Meats supplies only the finest cuts of the highest quality grade meats for the loved ones and businesses of our customers. From chuck beef and flavour-filled lamb, to speciality meats like the smooth veal and wild boar, Bradley Wholesale Meats offers the best meat selection across the Greater Toronto Area.

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Meat Selection


From the well-known and well-loved pork leg cut to pork steak, belly or ham, pork is a delicious and flexible option for meat lovers throughout the GTA.


We supply the tenderest cuts of heavenly beef, selected by the knowing eyes of our experienced butchers. Including T-Bone, Porterhouse, ribs and Brisket, as well as the classic beef fillet.


The leg of lamb is one of the most popular cuts we offer, and with such an incredible flavour it’s no surprise. Lamb cutlets and, chump and foreshank are also versatile options for a wide variety of meals.


Loin, sirloin, shoulder, breast and more; Bradley Wholesale Meats offers affordable prices for the delicious flavour of high-quality veal cuts. Grill it, fry it or roast – veal is delicious with whichever preparation you choose.


For a healthy, leaner and darker alternative to pork, our wild boar meat cuts are a fantastic option. The intense boar flavour is thanks to their natural foraging diet and comes is a great option for the dinner plate.


For a stronger taste to lamb, and a superb option for slow-cooked dishes like stew, goat meat is ideal. Goat meat is an environmentally-friendly and sustainable choice, as well as being entirely delicious.


Pan fried, grilled or roasted in the oven, Bradley Wholesale Meats’ sausages are excellent and flavour-filled cooked every way! From our speciality sausages to the classic sausage blends, our sausages offer high-quality goodness.