Our Story

Bringing over 40 years’ meat industry knowledge to our customers, our distinction in service sees Bradley Wholesale Meats continuing its success from generation to generation

family-operated butcher

As a family-operated specialist butcher, we take pride and responsibility in providing the leanest, highest grade meats available in the Greater Toronto Area.

All of the meats we stock arrive to our butchery from hand-selected farms and abattoirs from around the Greater Toronto Area and further afield. Living in Ontario, we are blessed with fine pastures and farmland on which animals that live enjoyable lives can be raised. We know our providers, understand their practices and regularly review their work. This way, Bradley Wholesale Meats can continue to provide the exemplary quality, affordable meat cuts it has become known for. It is the Bradley Wholesale Meats promise that none of the products for sale on our premises contain hormones, steroids or antibiotics. Your safety and health is our number one concern.

quality meats

We stick to good old fashioned values; quality in service, trustworthiness and keeping promises. That’s why we’ve been able to grow from generation to generation and provide fine meat cuts to growing families.

With hard work and attention to detail, Bradley Wholesale Meats will continue to supply restaurants, businesses and residents with high-quality products that cannot be surpassed in flavour nor cost elsewhere.

For the best meat in the Greater Toronto Area, call us today.

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