A superb source of lean protein

best quality poultry

A superb source of lean protein, poultry, including chicken, is one of the most meat varieties in the world. Poultry is a superb choice for those who want to eat meat but are also watching their weight, while it can be easily frozen and thawed for long-term storage. More subtle in flavour than red meat, poultry is a delight at any dinner party.

How to Cook

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Poultry Selection


The most popular of poultry choices, chicken is a meat that everyone enjoys eating. The variety of chicken cuts – wings, breast, thigh and drumstick – means there is a suitable option for every dish. Chicken’s great texture also makes it the top poultry choice for kids.


Not just an incredible centrepiece on the Christmas table, turkey is an affordable and pleasant change to chicken. The larger bird’s darker meat offers a heavier flavour and is popular with many.

Cornish Hen

A little smaller than the common chicken, Cornish Hen’s offer a greater subtlety of flavour and a softer texture of meat. A great choice for something a little different!


Though a game bird, partridge does not have the strong flavour of the pheasant. Instead, it’s a step up from quail but a step down from pheasant.


The quail is a dinner party special that is found throughout the best restaurants worldwide. Quail can be braised, fried, grilled or broiled. It’s unique, delicate flavour keeps it a favourite at Bradley’s.


The classic game bird, pheasant has flavourful meat that is ideal for roasting. It is lean, succulent and memorable. Ideal for all occasions.


Our poultry sausages offer a leaner, softer flavoured alternative to the classic red meat sausages and are suitable for eating at all times of the day. Call to find out about all our poultry sausage blends!